Interactive Wall Of 3-D Printed Penises Dance To Music

May 23, 2014


This is art student Peiqi Su's "Penis Wall," a wall of 3-D printed johnsons that can dance to music or interact with a viewer. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Probably not." I'll give you a dollar to run backwards into the wall as fast as you can.

The "Penis Wall", as it's appropriately titled, consists of a grid of wagging and waving members that frolic to the tune of a Tchaikovsky song or in step with a viewer like a melange of giddy, little phallic creatures. Using an ultrasonic distance sensor, the wall can be programmed not only to dance, but to serve as a visualization for data, such as stock market patterns.

When reached for comment, my roommate Derek's mom said she could service all of them.

Keep going for several videos of the dongs doing their thing.

Thanks to Diego and Tye, who are already hard at work constructing a vagina wall.

  • Bobbie Bostick


  • zin

    That looks like a comfortable massage bed.

  • Guest

    chose teh wrong song. should be that willies song from it croud

  • Bottom, third. poor thing.

  • westmclarenmerc

    Leave it to a girl to spot the one broken dick out of a wall of fake dicks.
    That broken dick represents the poor guy stuck in an eternal friendzone, while the rest get to have fun with the girl.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Now make one out of fleshlights or something. A whole chorus singing "Hallelujah" or "Miserere Mei Deus" or something.

  • JJtoob

    Floppy weiners floppy weiners ♪

  • the antagonist

    Would be sexie...,uh, I mean creepier if they were all painted in various lifelike skin tones.

  • Cinder Blocks

    A couple of those dongs in the second video need some Cialis.

  • Mr. K

    Meh. Looks like the average bathroom stall in San Francisco.

  • been in alot of them hu?

  • Mr. K

    You live there for 6 years, eventually you have to use a bathroom, yeah.

  • AlwaysRight

    I'd like to see them dance to Kraftwerk's Popcorn.

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