I'm Invisible Now!: Octopus Immediately Turns White To Blend In With Boat After Being Caught

May 7, 2014


This is a short video of an octopus that's caught by a fisherman and, when it's tossed onto the boat's deck, instantly turns white to try to hide from the humans. Unfortunately, human eyes are harder to trick than some ocean predators, and I imagine this guy ended up as somebody's dinner. Or in a magic potion. Speaking of -- anybody know where I can get some fairy wings? I'm kidding, I support the ban on fairy wings to brew magic potions. I do need a half dozen leprechaun nards though.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to CR, who can't change colors but can change the channel and volume on the TV already making them infinitely smarter than my roommate.

  • Ellie
  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Poor octopus. Sometimes I feel guilty about not being vegan or vegetarian, but the food chain is a fact of nature.

  • captaindash

    The food chain is indeed a fact, and so is the fact that as a human you're smart enough to be able to choose what you eat. If you're still on the fence, I recommend tofu cut with meat shaped cookie cutters.

  • Pyro

    I know that he was mistreating the octopus, but I couldn't help but wonder what the octopus spat out, when the fisherman took it out of the water.

  • The Planet Pluto

    It was the bait from the hook. Probably just random fish.

  • fsafdaf

    Leprechaun nards are ridiculously expensive and hard to get with the transportation of magical goods tax, and to get them exported to the states? Forget about it. I suggest the toenails of a roaming bigfoot as a substitute. Fairies on the other hand aren't even endangered anymore and their wings work work wonders. I think they should be regulated but allowed to be hunted. Especially after the Russian expedited breeding program.

  • Tyguy

    Was that Dave Grohl pulling in the line?

  • Syd

    Although interested, I'm not so much a fan of this video for the dickiness of the fisherman.

  • Bii

    What did he do wrong? He made sure the octopus didn't get sliced open after pulling it from the water.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Than he choke slammed it to the floor of the boat...

  • Megraptor

    But octopus don't have any bones to break... They are squishy and can fit in tubes the same diameter of a quarter...

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    so you're saying they dont feel pain cause they dont have bones?

  • Megraptor

    No, I'm saying it's going to hurt a lot less because they don't have anything to break. Their blood vessels have nothing to be knocked in between to cause trauma. Bruises happen when blood vessels are compressed... but... they can compress through a tube with a diameter of a coin without any ill effects.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    well the fisherman is still a dick

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    Which of course means they don't bruise or feel pain at all, because only things with bones feel pain.

  • Megraptor

    No, they I'm sure they feel pain, but since they have no hard things in them- the only thing they have is a beak- it's going to hurt a hell of a lot less than if something with bones falls. There might be bruising, but the blood vessels have nothing to be squished in between- only the boat. Instead of sudden deceleration causing a problem- it's low frequency sounds that cause trauma in their auditory systems.

  • baal

    While I like to eat them, it's a little disconcerting to have food that seems smart.

  • Bubbubsky

    An octopus doesn't seem smart. They ARE smart. They're extremely intelligent animals.

  • PlanktonsComputerWifeKaren

    Once you learn a bit about Cephalopoda, killing them--much less *eating* them--seems fundamentally wrong.

  • Norfair20X5

    Yeah, they are my favorite animal and even though I get that they are a food source and have eaten them somehow this video makes me sad cause I think it knows it is fucked. I mean, it does change back almost like, "Well, that didn't seem to work."

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