Guys Casually Film Tornado As It Comes To Destroy Them

May 28, 2014


Note: Strong language. Turn up the volume and tell your boss it's a nature documentary, which it is.

This is a video of two oil workers in North Dakota filming a tornado as it comes barreling towards their trailer park like a bee to honey. They're not really sure what to do about it. Eventually, they take refuge in a truck. Me? I would have kicked that tornado in the nuts and demanded a one-way ticket to Oz. Then named myself king of the Lollipop Guild and made them do my bidding. *banging scepter on yellow brick throne* HUNT THOSE FLYING MONKEYS TO EXTINCTION. Oh, and I want a pair of size 12 ruby slippers. "Seriously?" F*** no -- what do I look like, a lady? Make them cowboy boots.

Keep going for the video, as well as another that was shot from further away.

Thanks to SS, who agrees there's no place like home. Unless there's a tornado coming, in which case there's no place like a bomb shelter.

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