Guy's Automatically Extending/Retracing Wolverine Claws

May 16, 2014


This is a video of Youtuber ColinFurze's 12-inch stainless steel pecker Wolverine claws. They're pneumatically operated via an air tank on his back, and not telepathically, which would be even cooler. As seen in the video, they're perfect for hacking away at watermelons, cardboard, and popping a Mystique blow-up doll. They are not perfect for airline travel. Unless you can avoid the airport and ride on the X-Men's own Blackbird jet. Hey Professor X, let me sit on your lap. "No." Come on. "No." Hey Storm, let me sit on your lap. "I know what you're doing." What? That I asked Professor X first knowing he would say no so it wouldn't seem so obvious that I really wanted to sit in your lap the whole time? "Yes." Curses! Hey Cyclops, let me-- "Anytime, big boy." Dammit you were supposed to say no so I could ask Rogue.

Keep going for two videos, the first a video of the claws in action, the second a how-to in cause you want to make your own.

Thanks to King of all Geeks, who won a Magic: The Gathering tournament to earn the title.

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