Guy Performs Slayer's 'Raining Blood' On Banjo

May 28, 2014


Dammit -- keep your overalls on, this is a family concert!

This is a video of Rob Scallon (of Slayer on a ukulele fame) performing 'Raining Blood' on a banjo. I have never seen it rain blood before but one time I sneezed so hard it rained boogers. That was the end of that romantic dinner. Still, good job, Rob -- I could get down on this. But not if that creepy kid from Deliverance joins in. I don't care how well he plays, if that kid shows up to the concert and I'm f***ing GONE.

Keep going for the video. Then bang your head so hard you shake your brains loose and get stupid.

Thanks to pickle, who I'm always on the quest to find the perfect variety of. It's a lifestyle.

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