Google's Self-Driving Car Has No Pedals, Steering Wheel

May 28, 2014


And why should it? If it's self-driving you don't NEED pedals or a steering wheel. Those are just things people use to crash into stuff while they're texting. This is the latest Google prototype for a self-driving vehicle. It's a two-seater that tops out at 25MPH. Not exactly highways speeds, but I can't believe people in Smart Cars and those little Fiats get on the highway either. The only time I feel safe on the highway is when I'm in an actual tank. "So you have never felt safe on the highway." Only in my dreams.

Designed and built by Google from the ground up, it's not just a self-driving car, but a true driverless car. A tiny, bubble-shaped two-seater, it's designed to pick people up at Point A and deposit them at Point B without any intervention on their part. Just set the destination and push the "go" button and you're free to look out the windows, read a book, work on their laptops, or go to sleep. No driver's license needed.

Perhaps more importantly: no ownership needed. Google envisions a future in which people simply order a self-driving car when they need one. When they arrive at their destination, they hop out and the car goes on its way, like a taxi service.

Hey, it's a step in the right direction. And that direction is being able sleep and/or fool around with your girlfriend/boyfriend and not have to drive. Still, they gave the car a face, but why isn't it smiling? He should be happy. He looks like the car in front of him just farted and he's holding his breath. Nobody wants to ride in a car that's about to pass out.

Keep going for a worthwhile video demo. SPOILER: The interior looks nice and spacious.

Thanks to Irina, who agrees cars that can drive themselves are cool, but jetpacks that could do the same would be even cooler.

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