Game Night, Every Night: Risk Carved Into A Coffee Table

May 13, 2014


This the coffee table that Redditor fightingcrime's father carved into a Risk board. The amazing thing is that when you're not playing risk IT FUNCTIONS AS A NORMAL COFFEE TABLE. "That is not amazing." You live a joyless life.

Thanks to BBQ, who loves how that guy has enough respect for the carpet to put a coaster under his Coors Light.

  • Matt Conant

    Also, maybe I'm used to playing an older version of Risk, but this one looks to have been updated with Hawaii and a number of other islands whose names I can't read as extra territories. Pretty sure the original game didn't have connections between Eastern Australia and Argentina, or Argentina and South Africa, or two entry points from Greenland to Europe. Not that I disapprove at all, just wondering if it's an official variant, or if this guy just invented these modifications. :)

  • Michael Knight

    i haven't played risk in a while. the only playing pieces i remember were troops. so, what the heck are those crazy things on alaska, greenland, and maybe siberia??

  • Mr. K

    Not gonna lie, I want to make one of these for Monopoly.

  • Gabriel Hernán Kudric

    Risk, Monopoly... nobody likes real board games?

  • Corey H. Abramson

    A Carcassonne table would be nearly impossible... :(

  • Tyguy

    Your table would be in splinters after the first game. You know how Monopoly goes.

  • Mr. K

    Good point, sir.

  • steve holt

    I just love how the guy is giving the camera "Blue Steel".

  • Rebecca Christensen

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  • MustacheHam

    Interesting concept, but one thing bugs me about this...
    Who uses a phone as a beer coaster?

  • AthrunWilshire

    What kinda screwed up phone size do you have?

  • Sir John Shinypants

    How the hell do you change the colour of a territory when you capture it? Board marker? That type of wood doesn't look like you could just polish a colour away, also, who the hell would sit and colour in a territory with marker pen in the middle of the game?

  • Wiley

    You're not crazy. I have no clue what he's on about. Countries all have specific colors that coordinate with reward cards... They never change. Your armies, like you said, are an obvious indicator to who owns the country...

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