Fun At The Beach: 3-D Illusion Sand Art Drawings

May 7, 2014


This is a series of 3-D illusions drawn in the beach sand of Mount Maunganui, New Zealand by Constanza Tagini Nightingale, Jamie Harkins, and David Rendu of 3D Sand Drawings. That's like, a club they started. Is it a club I would join? Maybe. Are there any monthly dues? Do I get kicked out if I don't attend all the meetings? What if I don't want to make 3D sand art one day? What if I just want to tan and maybe get buried in the sand and have the rest of the club give me tits and a mermaid tail? Cause that's a deal breaker.

Keep going for four more.





Thanks to Alexis, who doesn't carve anything into the sand but her and her lover's names with a heart around them. CLASSIC.

  • Cup-O-Jesus


  • Tyguy

    First of all.....of course it's real.
    Second.....why are you going on about a movie?

  • Kyle Null

    So you're new here?

  • ODwanKenObi


    This is completely real. You can tell its real because the shadows are all right.

    This is nothing like that scene in the movie Always BAck Up where Max dug a tunnel to China trying to free Baja from POW prisoner camp in an alternate dimension and ended up in Australia. Max felt completely awkward showing up un-announced so he just made sand castles so people would stop staring at him.

  • Paul

    Are you daisy's evil twin?

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