Fight, Fight, Fight!: Bill Nye's CNN Climate Change Battle

May 13, 2014


This is a video of Bill Nye arguing climate change to two people on CNN who don't want to listen. The one lady even accuses scientists of bullying non climate change believers. That's the thing about climate change -- and so many other topics -- people are going to believe what they want to believe. There is very little changing of opinions. Me? I believe in fairies and magic and there's nothing anybody can say or do to make me think otherwise. Unless you torture me, in which case I'll admit they don't exist just to make you stop, then make a voodoo doll of you tomorrow and tear your f***ing arms off.

Keep going for the video, then do battle with each other in the comments!

Thanks to NH, who gave me a three day forecast for his hometown, but failed to mention where it was. Great, now how am I supposed to sleep tonight?

  • Jeff L. Crowder

    What cracks me up is how the chick in the glasses keeps going on about how the public doesn't believe that climate change isn't an issue... WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT OPINION POLLS?!? They are just that, OPINIONS! It doesn't matter if you believe in science or not, it is still true!

  • Charles Whelan

    What is this "Global warming" they speak of? Sounds cozy.

  • Maus

    Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) from the sun or from a low level nuke set off by North Korea, Iran or some other rogue state WILL destroy our power grid, as well as anything with a microchip or computer in it. We will be unable to even haul food to market, pump water or haul away our dead, because everything with computers or even electrical ignition will be fried.

    So, instead of hardening our infrastructure against EMP and making changes in the way we deal with a potential EMP event, we spend billions on stopping something that is, at best a minor problem for the next millennium, and at worst the greatest scam perpetrated by power-hungry governments on its citizens in the history of mankind.

    No wonder Kim Jong Un is smiling.

  • Deksam

    The sun causes climate change .PERIOD. it has for millions of years, History says another ice age will cycle back again one century. You can bet mankind would throw trillions at the world trying to fruitlessly warm the world up again to suit its comfort zone. Chasing ghosts and throwing money at it wont change anything just huge debt, The biggest polluters on the planet are volcanoes and forest fires and has been for millions of years and the earth still remains. The warmest time in documented history was the middle ages, because of what? horses? Also if the polar ice caps melted like al freaken gore said they would by 2012. Water levels would actually drop a little bit as water expands when frozen. But anyways, All anyone has to do is look at the temperatures outside here in Canada and believe what the temperatures tell you and not listen to any fear mongering media and government. But I for one would much rather it get warmer then colder.

  • Well, if it hasn't already been posted here ... how debates about climate change should be presented to the public:

    CNN just made it look like the "opinion" of some people with big mouths matters ...

  • John Smith

    It's sad that it takes a comedian like John Oliver to do what the supposed "news people" are incapable of.

  • Bubbubsky

    I prefer the John Oliver approach to this.

  • Hannibal_32

    Oh, so the consensus is that a.) global warming is real and b.) the science is settled. By a weird coincidence, those things are found in the definition of pseudoscience. Also, any conceivable outcome backs up your thesis. I think I covered all the basis.

    AGW is a religion and its supporters are evangelists. Go preach the word, ye of great faith!

  • Hector G

    "hurricane shmurricane"---Bill Nye....great science. Noob.

  • yestradamous

    If it is happening, driving a Prius and changing a few lightbulbs in your house won't effectively do crap to stop it. Neither will wind mills, solar farms, wave generators, etc.
    Not with India and China coming into the first world like they are.
    You can spend all the $ you want in the US, but it'll be a literal drop in the bucket.
    The U.S. exceeded the Kyoto reductions accidently in the last few years just from the economic slowdown and converting power plants to natural gas. We ALREADY did what we were supposed to do in reductions. Even if we all cut our energy usage in half, which will be extremely expensive to do so, it will not reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere in a significant enough way to do jack shit. There are 20 times as many people on earth as Americans and they ALL will be using more energy as they climb the economic ladder.
    The only way to cure the problem is go nuclear. Period. The rest is just expensive disruptive bullshit.
    That or adapt to the changes which will or will not happen regardless of what we do.

  • Joe A Gonzalez

    GloBULL Warming, Climate Change is about population control - watch out Africa, liberals are coming to save you.....from living much longer

  • Wow, it is astounding how strongly the glasses woman is arguing a point that she is clearly so clueless about. Justice would be if her home was the next one to be taken out my a natural disaster caused by climate change.

  • pukoh

    64% of Americans can't find America on the world map. I don't think any attention should be paid to any polls taken from Americans.

  • Moo
  • Moo

    Global warming if fake, the worlds climate has changed for millions of years. Its just a scam to create a tax and make money -

  • acedick72

    She's be a lot hotter with my sperm all over her face, and dribbling over her dumb glasses.

  • joevsyou

    inform the public by a global warming tax... YA it's true they are trying...

  • Michael Knight

    the climate will be the climate.
    opinions of uneducated people will be the opinions of uneducated people.
    haters gonna hate.

  • Vismund

    The girl in the glasses is as bat-shit crazy here as she is on Real Time. I especially love how she throws around "scare tactics" and "bullying", as if those aren't buzz-words trying to incite some sort of negative response.

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