Eye For An Eye: Guy Cuts Huge Limb From Tree, Limb Knocks Him Off Ladder

May 6, 2014


Note: Solid F-bomb at 0:19. Crank up the volume!

This is a short video of a guy cutting down a massive tree limb when the Ent it belongs to decides enough is enough and wacks him off his ladder. Dude survived the fall fine though, so you don't have to feel bad about having just watched someone die. I wouldn't do that to you without warning. Unless you came to watch me do battle against my enemies, in which case SURPRISE, I take no prisoners. "Get real, GW, you do not do battle." I've only been in a single fight in my entire life and got knocked out cold with a chemistry book. :(

Keep going for the video, I love how it looks like Captain Planet there in the middle is cheering the tree on.

Thanks to Simon, who mentioned jumping off a friend's two-story deck once to avoid getting caught by the cops when a high school party got busted. BTDT.

  • The Planet Pluto

    Yeeeeah dumbass was asking for it.

  • anything

    ...asking it for because he was...cutting a branch off a tree? just because you live in a cement world doesnt mean everyone does

  • The Planet Pluto

    I live on 50 acres of open land genius. He asked for it because he was dangerously over-reaching on an unstable latter with a chainsaw. He also didn't have the branch properly tied off to make sure it fell away from him. Please try to think about things before you post. You hurt everyone's brain with you tough-but-dumb response.

  • anything

    thats nice, they're called drive-through states for a reason.
    your first two reasons for his "stupidity" are irrelevant as these were not the reasons why he fell. no he did not tie the branch, but he did cut it so it fell away from him, he just didnt cut it all the way through, allowing it to swing down before breaking off and hitting him. tell me how tying the end would have prevented that massive branch from kicking back? you keep a pocket hulk in your toolbox right next to your ego? its called an accident and has no barring on his intelligence level.

  • Lumberjack and very OK

    It's called being a dumbass, which he was. using a ladder to trim/cut down a tree over 20 feet is fucking stupid, you get fall restraint gear or you get tree climbing gear. I've cut down 50 meter tall trees before, and there's very little danger when you're doing it right and using your head. He wasn't wearing any gear, (Not even a face mask/helmet, which I do when I buck wood up for a campfire) and he wasn't doing it safely.

  • anything

    glad you mentioned that, seeing as you're a professional in the area your opinion is moot and disturbingly biased. you're the equivalent of Jeff Gordon telling me that if i need to get to the grocery store quickly, i shouldnt use my Toyota Tercel, i should use something appropriate for the job, like an 800HP Nascar.

  • anything

    speaking of which, is it OK if i cut my lawn this weekend with a 4HP Honda push mower? or should i perform these standard tasks like a professional, suit up (dont forget ear plugs, dont want to damage them tympanic membranes), and use a Toro GrandStand grass destroyer?

    ps. when you're cutting up those potatoes for dinner tonight, you better be using a proper Japanese chef knife and chain mail hand guards.

  • Andyman7714

    That was a Darwin award waiting to happen.

  • Kaizer Chief

    "911 OR NOT?!" Pretty hardcore...

  • adsfasdfasdf

    well with insurance rates its not worth the hastle if he was unharmed or dead

    especially when already in the middle of the woods and a handy chainsaw nearby

  • DrZanz

    Yet another cameraman who forgets what the hell he's doing when something goes wrong (bear in mind he's recording an overreaching-on-a-ladder-with-a-chainsaw job for a reason).

  • Guest

    unlike that one documentary with the highly professional newsman who recorded a fawn stuck in a flood(sad but fine whatever, animals) and then kept recording and not helping when some kid dove in to save it and never came up. after like 8 minutes the he popped up with the faun on the other bank but camera bro didn't even twitch let alone freak out when you were pretty sure kid was dead. just kept rolling and narrating like an hero

  • GuestStar

    To be fair there are 3 guys at the bottom of that ladder, I don't think one more would be able to help much. As for your example I just see Darwin failing twice that's all. Once because the trapped fawn probably should have died and again because the stupid kid shouldn't have dived into what I presume was dangerous moving water to save anything that wasn't human and younger than himself.

    Forgive the heartlessness but Thinking>Feeling every time for these situations.

  • Dude... that chainsaw almost got him in the face

  • taran420

    Why do people always point the camera away when the action happens?

  • BeastmanAIDS

    Not everyone - women. If something startles them their first reaction is to scream and flail which is why they should never be put on film duty if there is any possibility of excitement.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    The ONE TIME, the fucking one time somebody has the proper reaction to somebody getting hurt while holding a camera and you whine about it? Sir, with all due respect, go fuck yourself with a cactus.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Do you even Internet Bro? I hope you pass a stone

  • taran420

    The one time? You must be new to watching internet videos. It happens often, hence my use of the word "always." My comment is mostly in jest. It's an observation as to what usually happens during these types of videos. Besides, there's four other guys at the actual accident site. They'll be more than capable of helping, especially with the camera man so far away.

  • TyDurd

    Probably b/c they're looking at the screen or eye-piece, and they naturally want to confirm what they're seeing.

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