Eye For An Eye: Guy Cuts Huge Limb From Tree, Limb Knocks Him Off Ladder

May 6, 2014


Note: Solid F-bomb at 0:19. Crank up the volume!

This is a short video of a guy cutting down a massive tree limb when the Ent it belongs to decides enough is enough and wacks him off his ladder. Dude survived the fall fine though, so you don't have to feel bad about having just watched someone die. I wouldn't do that to you without warning. Unless you came to watch me do battle against my enemies, in which case SURPRISE, I take no prisoners. "Get real, GW, you do not do battle." I've only been in a single fight in my entire life and got knocked out cold with a chemistry book. :(

Keep going for the video, I love how it looks like Captain Planet there in the middle is cheering the tree on.

Thanks to Simon, who mentioned jumping off a friend's two-story deck once to avoid getting caught by the cops when a high school party got busted. BTDT.

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