Double The Fun: Reversible Chewbacca/Han Solo Hoodie

May 1, 2014


This is a $110 reversible Chewbacca/Han Solo hoodie. It's Chewbacca on one side, Han Solo on the other. Han's jacket was inspired by his parka on Hoth. I like how they added a name tag though, just to make it clear. What percentage of the population do you think would recognize you as Han Solo if you were wearing it? My guess is less than fifty percent. At least twenty percent would guess you're a character from Star Trek. Nobody will guess you're a character from Stargate or Battlestar Galactica, because if you've even heard of Stargate or Battlestar Galactica there is no way you couldn't recognize Han Solo from a mile away. I bet Star Wars was like, your gateway drug.

Thanks to carey, who made me promise to buy her one in a small but they're out of smalls so it looks like I'm off the hook and don't even have to lie about how it must have gotten lost in the mail.

  • Amber Ridgdill

    Looks a bit cheap sadly :(

  • WFDT

    Solo's Hoth parka was brown, not blue. Seriously, if you're producing items for this fandom, you must do your homework.

  • ProphetFlume

    How about this: Chewbacca version on the outside AND inside because the Han Solo side looks cheap and Chewy lining looks comfy.

  • pundag

    I've had this for about 4 months or so... got it at a 'closing down' HMV, and got it for $79 CAD... though the zipper broke.... when you rock it 'han' side, its suuuuper warm.

  • Closet Nerd

    I'd rock that like "an Ewok taking out a Storm Trooper on the forest moon of Endor"
    ....just sayin

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