Dammit, Darwin: Idiot Crawls From Under Moving Train

May 24, 2014


This is a video of some thrill-seeking jackass who decided to lay on the train tracks and let a train pass over him. But then he gets bored and decides to crawl out from under the train while it's still passing. Now I'm not saying I wish he'd been crushed, but I'm also not NOT saying it. That's very mature of me and my middle school guidance counselor would be proud. You hear that, Mrs. Beverly?! Oh wait -- Mrs. Beverly was my speech therapist (I used to pronounce R's like W's).

Keep going for the video, skip to 2:00 for the death-defying feat of stupidity.

Thanks to Pokky, who doesn't even feel comfortable putting a foot in front of the little model train that goes around the Christmas tree.

  • PowerGloveKid

    why was that train so long

  • Follower of The Turtle

    The belief in our Great Cosmic Zombie Turtle Lord is strong in this little hatchling. He has our Creator on his side, and was touched by His mighty turtle stub hand.

  • zin

    In his defense, I'd be bored out of my mind under there too. If I were alone I'd just play with myself 'til the train passes.
    Also, lemme guess, he's Russian?

  • vendydicosta

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  • zin

    Go to b&, do not dis/like, do not reply, flag as inappropriate (top right corner of comment).

    These script-kiddies, can't even make a script that takes names from the comments they're replying to.

  • Chris Partlow

    Looks familiar swear I've seen this on here before.

  • Marc Nadeau

    WTH GW? You almost never post on weekends... o.O

  • Guest

    couldn't wait to show us the cool thing he just did

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Or this is a different GW again. Notice how he didn't mentioned his roommate, his penis, or shit in his own pants. I wonder what happened to the dino fetishist one...

  • Victor Lavallee

    What a retard

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