Breaking Bad Troll Pranks Canadian Advice Column

May 2, 2014


This is the Canadian advice column that somebody wrote into pretending to be Skyler White from Breaking Bad. Clearly Miss Lonelyhearts isn't familiar with the show and offered her real advice. Aaaaand that's when I got sad. Still, Skyler should have taken it.

Thanks to Allie, who actually read the column in the local paper then spent the rest of the day hunting around town for Jesse Pinkman.

  • Stephanie Hazeem

    lol, first troll I've ever praised.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    I've heard of that happening before, probably to that "Dear Abby" columnist. In that case she said she was answering the letter as if it was real because her advice might be useful to someone with a real issue of a similar nature.

  • Proteon

    Is it trolling if her advice is more well written than the original joke?

  • bressennuit

    The advice isn't to forget about him...the advice is that, since he may be doing more dangerous, even fatalistic things such as unprotected sex with others, that SHE needs to protect herself and her future.

    So this case, and being in Canada, is fictitous...if the bank account is overdrawn, it isn't because of his medical disease like the financial catastrophe it would be had they lived in the USA.

    But yes, she still needs to be thinking and getting ready to take on the financial burdens too, if he is choosing to spend money on himself rather than continuing to provide for his family.

    It is both a blessing and a curse, to know in advance when a loved one is dying and on their way out. Blessing bcs you can make sure you have finances/insurance/job/wills done up, and you have your chances to say goodbye. But a curse too, bcs there becomes a limit on how much you can do when your health is failing, and there is only so much mental stress that caregivers can take.

    It gives the dying person the chance to do those things not done yet while they still feel well cruise, parachuting, sex, whatever....but that is a potential double-edged sword if it comes to wild spending or dangerous behaviours.

  • Guest

    in Canada its just "fill these out and wait the 6 month processing period" " but i'll die in 3 without this operation" "your point? trololol"

  • skajdika

    have you even read the article?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Yeah I think the trolling aspect of it has gone over his/her head...

  • DrZanz

    So in a nutshell the advice is to forget about your dying husband and get on with life before he's even dead. Pro

  • taran420

    "I am the one who knocks."

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