Block Party!: LEGO Studded Shot Glasses

May 13, 2014


These are the LEGO shot glasses available from ThinkGeek ($20 for 4). They're not actually licensed LEGO products though because LEGO doesn't promote underage drinking, plus why pay for licensing rights when you don't have to? That is like flushing money down the toilet. Same goes for buying toilet paper, which is why I use junk mail. What would you build onto a LEGO shot glass? Because I would just attach MORE shot glasses. "But then you'd just be pouring shots down your face." *tearing off shirt* Did somebody say body shots?! Please, no biting my nipples.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to King of all Geeks, who had to defeat many geeks in combat to claim the title.

  • Wiley

    Quick fix, good deal.

    the reply comment below sure seems try hard.

  • Cup-O-Jesus

    A. I certain that your not TRYING to be a ass.
    4. No, your not helping...
    C. what eye meen?
    D. ee lite. Groove is in heart!
    I. as in see. C?

  • Marie

    Couple more shots. Oh GW, how punny you are.
    I hope that lil guy doesn't fall off and down her throat while she's taking that shot. Imagine THAT discussion with he hospital "I swear i wasn't trying to give a BJ to a lego dude!"

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