Art, It Died: Performance Artist Who Tied Rooster To Peen At Eiffel Tower Arrested For Sexual Exhibitionism

May 6, 2014


Not in front of the nuns!

Steven Cohen (not to be confused with Sander Cohen, who is an infinitely saner artist) was recently convicted of sexual exhibitionism for a piece of performance art he conducted last September that involved dancing around the Eiffel Tower with a rooster tied to his wiener. But not like, ON his wiener, just like, tied to it with a leash. Nothing that out of the ordinary.

The Paris piece was a reaction to an increasingly homophobic, xenophobic and anti-Semitic world, Cohen told the newspaper.

"In showing the most intimate part of me, I'm saying: I'm male, I'm Jewish, I'm queer, I'm white," he said.

He said the rooster, named Franck, was not harmed during the performance. The animal was chosen "because it's the emblem of France".

Man, that would have been a weird day to visit the Eiffel Tower. I wonder what those nuns were thinking. Do you think they understood Cohen's message? Or that they vowed to never leave the convent again? Because I wasn't even there and now I want to become a nun and devote my life to God. Or at least to never having to see a dude walking a chicken with his pecker.

Thanks again to Brobamalicous, who I'm not convinced didn't just send this story knowing I'd have to go out and find a pic, and yes, there are ones where you can clearly see the leash tied around his bare johnson.

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