An Empire Strikes Back Themed Burlesque Show

May 13, 2014


This is a highlight real of The Empire Strips Back, a burlesque show inspired by the second Star Wars movie and performed by the folks of Geekenders. It was really something. I have only been to one burlesque show in my life, and from what I could gather it was titty-tassle themed. Plus there were a group of hair stylists there giving away free haircuts. It was very weird. It was also very beer only, so I snuck a bottle of vodka in and drank it in the smoking alley. I remember it so vividly because when we were ducked in the alleyway my date flashed her panties at me. That's not something you forget. They had owls on them.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Trixie Hobbitses, who has every intention of creating a Lord of the Rings themed burlesque show complete with penis-swinging Sauron.

  • Maenadsong

    I just watched the video. I actually laughed out loud. I almost never do. The show looks cute and fun. I wish like crazy I was visiting Vancouver soon, because I would go without hesitation.
    All the cool people know that sexy comes in all sizes, and that those people are owed respect for getting up there and doing something that makes them happy. They are chasing their passion, and really living their life. People who have to go on the internet to belittle people have shallow lives, and will never know the kind of happiness those dancers get every time a show is successful.

  • Virtual_Ninja

    All of these women look amazing, and the show looks great!

    When are you coming to England, and where can I buy tickets?

  • D-Batz

    I'm not into burlesque but its no excuse for anyone to act like vile bullies just because it doesn't fit into some peoples' "superior" view on sexuality and health or whatever excuse these timewasters will use to justify being a downright asshole.

    Most of these people here are adults with control over their money and time and yet they choose it to shove their opinions on other people that honestly don't need it and act under the delusion that they were obligated to support the show.

    Here's the wake up call to these jerks.

    This show doesn't need you.

    It never did.

    So crawl back under your holes and do something that's constructive with your time rather than harassing the cast for doing nothing but practicing their art.

  • Dude

    at least it gives all those freaks something to do.

  • Dude

    even if it is repulsive.

  • Fairlith Harvey

    Can you explain why a bunch of people working hard to put on a fun show is repulsive? I don't understand.

  • You know, some of these comments make me ashamed to call myself a geek. And frankly, I am outraged that this website allows such blatant abuse from its followers. You don't know these women and you have no right to judge them. You also have to right to shame women for being "fat" when you are probably a 300 pound loser with a neckbeard sitting in your mother's basement playing WoW and eating cheetos. Did you ever think the reason you aren't getting laid is because you have a horrible, misogynist attitude? It's pretty pathetic that you feel big by sitting behind the safety of your computer whilst trying to put other people down. Clearly you are compensating for your own flaws and insecurities by trying to make these women feel bad about themselves, and that is pretty damn sad.

  • Destluck

    Okay, this is seriously ridiculious. Burlesque is one of the few sensual/sexual art forms left that does not have to conform to the bullshit that "people must be skinny to be sexy". Most of us here get that some of you prefer women that are smaller. You can stop being arrogant pricks now. It doesn't really matter what someone looks like, but who they are.

    Most of you could act alot better than this. Its behavior like this that causes people to have eating disorders. People die over dick-moves like this. Take your opinion and shove off.

  • steve holt

    i don't think chewbacca was that fat.

  • Fairlith Harvey

    What would inspire you to say such an unkind thing? I don't understand.

  • TIsara

    So glad she wasn't "That fat" for you!

    Great backhanded compliment.

  • acedick72

    Best place to go is a burlesque show, if you want a guaranteed fuck. This vid? A lot of horny bisexual chicks in dirty, slutty boots. You can almost smell how eager they are. Lurk backstage at a show like this and you have to be Gandhi to not score a three way *at least*. My favourite is the tall bitch in the black boots doing the lightsaber fighting with Luke near the end. I'd snap my fingers and have that bitch to heel.

  • Fairlith Harvey

    Bro. Just.... bro.

    If you have so many 'bitches' heeling when you snap your fingers, what are you doing writing about it on the internet?

    Straight up, though, I think any of us would rather bang Gandhi. At least he was a nice person.

  • acedick72

    Gandhi was a root-rat, everyone knows it. Maybe he'd be up for a three-way? lemme know if his family gives consent.

  • TIsara

    You are assured a three-way bitch slap, but I highly doubt (and I am being kind here) you'd get anything else.

    Maybe a three-way curb stomp?

  • acedick72

    You have anger management issues, all im saying is that some of these chicks look like they'd love to give a good bootjob.

  • Androsia Wilde

    considering that pretty much all of us are either happily married or coupled with talented and loving partners, no i can't say that a 'guaranteed fuck-fest' would ever be in the cards for a piss-pot such as yourself.
    especially not from the 'tall bitch'. she'd probably laugh in your face and then curbstomp you. mind you we ALL would do so if a prat like you showed up backstage... but i can't even guarantee that she'd keep the boots on for you. wouldn't want you to pop a boner in delight. you don't deserve that privilege.

    Androsia WIlde [Lando Calrissian]

  • acedick72

    just wanted to say, that post was seriously hot, and I jerked off to it :)

  • $18889437

    What's the difference between stripping and burlesque? About 30 pounds.

  • Purple

    I'm in this show and I'm 115 pounds. Would you prefer I be 85 pounds like some little girl?

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