You're Making It Hard To Eat: Horror Movie Pizza Portraits

April 8, 2014


This is a series of horror movie icons (plus Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead because hunk) carved into the cheese of pizzas by Wilhelm Rodriguez of Papa's Pizza in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. I would eat any one of those. But not before covering their faces with sausage and black olives. I don't need Freddy staring at me when I'm trying to eat. Honestly, I don't like anybody looking at me while I eat. That is like, a private thing to me. I don't kick down the bathroom door to watch you masturbate, do I? "Totally different." Totally the same in my book. "Your book is wack." My book is a vintage nudey magazine.

Keep going for Jason, Michal Meyers, Chucky and a couple more.







Thanks to poop ninja, who can leave a flaming bag of shit on your front doorstep without your dog barking or security lights coming on.

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