WTF Was That?!: Assassin's Creed Climb In Real Life

April 22, 2014


This is a video of some pro free-climber scaling the side of a building. After a couple attempts of of making a long jump to the next handhold and sliding back down, he goes inverted and pulls out this Spider Man move. Is that common? Because it doesn't look like it. Man, I wish I could do cool shit like this. I'm like, not coordinated at all. I can barely climb the stairs without falling (using the handrail!). Last night I tried to jump into bed and missed and had to sleep on the floor.

Keep going for the video. It's short. Me? I'm 6'1".

Thanks to Keith, who leaves nothing to chance and always uses a grappling hook.

  • Kyle Morgan

    This video is old as shit.

  • stuffsticks

    Isn't this vid like as old as the internet? I remember seeing this guy years ago. May be a new vid but im sure he was wearing the same gear.

  • Guest

    doesn't matter. retroactively a reference to assassin's creed

    don't you know how this stuff works?

  • Jürgen Greimel

    Old one

  • MustacheHam

    Climbing: You're doing it right, like a boss.

  • yeags

    I was waiting for the leap of faith at the end.

  • Guest

    <different guest=""> I also miss Daisy. :(

  • "guest" almost sounds like "daisy". Keep it guest... you'll get daisy status one day!!! Remember how we all hated daisy at first and as soon as daisy's posts stopped we began to miss them... funny how things work out sometimes.

  • Torse

    Daisy actually carefully planned out different scenes from Never Back Down.
    Or made them up.
    This scumbag is trying to taint her good name!

  • Zanansi

    that's the same guy from Stan lee's superhumans series season 2 episode 10 if i remember correctly. the guy that started by coping how some monkeys climing

  • When can climbing just be climbing? Is all climbing now considered "Assasins Creed Climbing"?

  • Torse

    It was Assassin's Creed climbing when he flipped upside down

  • Is that what the assassin's creed dude does? Flip ass-up on the wall?

  • Torse

    I'm not sure, I've never played but

    megusta anything ass-up on the wall

  • Guest

    fake, this is one of those tilted floors they use in cheezy movies. you can tell by the shadows.

  • You can't seriously think that amateur indoor video is in any way similar to this. Look at the people in the background, giving not only a scale but indicating clearly that the wall is vertical. Then he scales it in one take, and walks on the top at the end. The shadows don't change once, the gravity indicators remain consistent. Nice try.

  • Torse

    not sure if you're serious

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    There was a gif on the net that could have been used for this article... Too lazy to search it.

  • zin

    I was thinking of it myself. I suspect it's a different angle of the same session, with one of the slips cropped off. It's too identical otherwise.

    Either that or he's been grinding this wall.

  • Adam Klein

    Different outfit in the gif and youtube vid... grinding it for sure.

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