World's Largest Balloon Sculpture Made By A Single Person (Is This Giant Optimus Prime)

April 28, 2014


This is a 4,302 balloon Poptimus Prime (which looks suspiciously like a cross between Optimus Prime, Iron Man and a Seattle Seahawk), allegedly the world's largest balloon sculpture made by a single person. That single person? John Reid. I don't know if he's actually like SINGLE SINGLE though because the article also mentioned he's a magician and chicks dig magic. Watch -- I'm going to make this disappear. "Make what disappear?" The thing I just had in my hand that isn't there anymore. "There was never anything in your hand to begin with!" Yes there was too and now it's gone cause I have skills! "Then bring it back." I CAN'T JUST BRING IT BACK, IT'S IN ANOTHER DIMENSION RIGHT NOW. These are incredibly powerful forces I'm dealing with.

Thanks to Bliss, who is a hot bubble bath with aromatherapy candles and light jazz playing.

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