Wine-O-Saurs: Dinosaur Shaped Wine Bottle Holders

April 10, 2014


These are Wine-O-Saurs, handcrafted wooden wine bottle holders that look like dinosaurs. They come in Stegosaurus, Parasaur and Dimetrodon species and are the brainchild of Pete Betcher, who sells them in his Etsy store TheBackPackShoppe for $40 apiece (along with Triforce and Mario lamps). I want one of the Stegosaurus ones. That way I can-- "Empty a bottle and put your penis in it?" Wow, really? You...might actually be a genius.

Keep going for the other two species.




Thanks to Spartacus, who sleeps with his sword and is already ready for battle.

  • Juiol

    The stegossaurus is for those who don't know you're not supposed to be turning a bottle of good wine upside down...

  • Winepine

    These are great. Do you know who manufactures these? I'd love to add them to the Winepine line of products.

  • lorrrd

    Wine-bottles better be upright , otherwise they get corky ...
    "Bouchoneé" as Frogs and Pretenders say.
    But in our plastic-era , where are those ancient corks anyway ?
    I had one last nite... eco-certified (since i`m a believer)
    So headache prolly from cheap Vodka some Beauty in Paris served (instead leaving with me... yeah!) (ok im still dreaming - boy what eyes and shape)
    SM always coming only for lousy 2 days ...

  • da1nonlysage

    was this written in a drunken stupor?

  • lorrrd

    U got it! Megalomania instead your frkn phrase but WTH!
    Then again since disqustor was flooded w/ nerd-bugs & shizzworms... Who could tell? Yeah i am not a stoner i am a drunk , sue me chris !butt Don't play Cop on fookn internet-comments! Geeks lack of humor is flawless - opposite to my immigrant-american vocabulary

  • MustacheHam

    Those are pretty cool, I ♥ the stegosaurus one. :D

  • imscuba

    what? no t-rex?

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