Whee!: You Can Now Take Hogwarts Magic Classes Online

April 21, 2014


HogwartsIsHere is a website offering free online classes in magic and potions and all that other fun stuff that make-believe witches and wizards want to learn. Me? I learned the Killing Curse from another kid on the back of the short bus so I'm good on magic.

Though it is similar to the franchise's interactive ebook website Pottermore, this version doesn't seem to follow directly in Potter's footsteps. The immersive website was made by members of the fandom to bring together anyone who has been seeking "magical experiences" since the series' conclusion.

It also takes its course work very seriously -- starting out as first year students, users are expected to complete homework assignments, essays, quizzes and tests for classes such as "Charms" and "Potions," and progress through all seven years of wizard academics.

I don't know, I'm not convinced magic is a subject best taught online. I feel like it might be better to learn hands-on. Also, it says class registration may take up to a day, but you can use their web-app to make your own acceptance letter in the meantime. Wait -- make your own acceptance letter?! What the hell kind of magic school is this? I WANT THAT SHIT BROUGHT BY AN OWL.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best magic isn't taught online, it's learned by accident while you're waving your wand around muttering gibberish. Whoa -- my penis just shot a laser!

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