What The Hell Wizardry Was That?: Ultra Impressive Ring Juggling Optical Illusions

April 15, 2014


This is a video of juggler Lindzee Poi performing "Amelymeloptical illusions" using four rings. What the hell are "Amelymeloptical illusions?" No clue, but they clearly take some fairly powerful magic to conjure. Does Lindzee dabble in the dark arts? One mentally deficient blogger says yes! Aaaaand just peed his pants because he was experimenting with trying to make it a whole day without going. HYPOTHESIS FAILED. But -- BUT -- I haven't shit my pants yet and on Thursday it will be eight days. I'm doing science!

Keep going for the whole worthwhile video with even more eye-f***ery than in the gif above.

Thanks to my friend Suzanne S, who can't juggle rings but can juggle a hectic work schedule and still making time to see friends and family. Well it might not be as visually impressive, but I'm still proud of you.

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