What It Would Look Like: If Everyone On Earth Was Piled Into The Grand Canyon

April 29, 2014


This is a rendering depicting what it would look like if all 7.159-billion humans alive on earth today were piled into the Grand Canyon. It would suck to be on the bottom of that pile. Or anywhere in it, actually. Because I am NOT showing up for everybody piled in the Grand Canyon picture day. I am going to spend that day robbing as many banks as I possibly can. Then when everybody gets home and returns to normal life they'll be all, "Oh shit, who is this GW character and where did he get 4-trillion dollars?" And I'll be like, "I did the stock market." They will believe me, and I will name myself supreme ruler of earth. And I will demand monuments be erected in my honor. And I want them to be gigantic titties that can be viewed with the naked eye from my moon-base. "Wow." See? I would make a great leader.

Keep going for the whole video from VSauce discussing how many things there are in the universe (SPOILER: a whole bunch).

Thanks to Rickman, who wants to see what it would look like if everyone on earth were piled into the back of a clown car.

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