What It Would Look Like: If Everyone On Earth Was Piled Into The Grand Canyon

April 29, 2014


This is a rendering depicting what it would look like if all 7.159-billion humans alive on earth today were piled into the Grand Canyon. It would suck to be on the bottom of that pile. Or anywhere in it, actually. Because I am NOT showing up for everybody piled in the Grand Canyon picture day. I am going to spend that day robbing as many banks as I possibly can. Then when everybody gets home and returns to normal life they'll be all, "Oh shit, who is this GW character and where did he get 4-trillion dollars?" And I'll be like, "I did the stock market." They will believe me, and I will name myself supreme ruler of earth. And I will demand monuments be erected in my honor. And I want them to be gigantic titties that can be viewed with the naked eye from my moon-base. "Wow." See? I would make a great leader.

Keep going for the whole video from VSauce discussing how many things there are in the universe (SPOILER: a whole bunch).

Thanks to Rickman, who wants to see what it would look like if everyone on earth were piled into the back of a clown car.

  • justin

    this would drive an android insane

  • Andre Bradshaw

    That would be a really fun trick to play on a future intelligent race on earth: You know, to gather everyone together in one place to die. Best prank ever.

  • And here's what it would look like if everyone on earth was piled into a black hole:

    I am also an artist now. Hold your applause.

  • RobCoSystems

    Oddly comforting...population alarmists often try to convey the image that we're super-collasal broods of cockroaches running rampant across the limited surface of the planet, when, actually, we're pretty insignificant.

  • aldenscott

    It's about the resources we use and the impact we have on the environment and its ability to sustain us over time. It's not the amount of physical space we take up.

  • RobCoSystems

    All resources are for Our Lord Cthulhu. There is no physical space. There is no space. Ia!

  • ODwanKenObi

    I think the guy in the video is over thinking... wait for it... Things.
    I'm here all night folks.

  • Guest

    I see no reason to restrict yourself to the visible Universe

  • Forblat

    You're in my personal space, please take a step or two back

  • Mike Harper

    See, plenty of land to go around.

  • Mario Rosales

    iv got a decent hunch that this is fake

  • Guest

    you can tell by the shadows. they're all wrong. rocks on the bottom left shadow to the top-right, pile shadow to the top-right-right. its the right direction wrong angle.

  • Kaizer Chief

    If you're going to impersonate Daisy, try to remember that it's "shadow's" with an apostrophe.

  • Exactly. If that's everyone on Earth, then who took the photo?

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    It's a mass selfie.

  • Andrew Newton

    It would be interesting to see the amount of food that many people consumes in a year piled up.

  • Guest

    its significantly less than the amount consumed by bugs or lost to rot anyway so don't worry(not including only human produced food in that, i mean perfectly good deer meat just left out int he forest too) as soon as we invent better raid we'll free up so much biomass earth'll hardly feel us.

  • Tyguy

    Image reminds me of World War Z

  • Guest

    thats it? figured it'd be a bigger corpse pile than that.
    whats all this winging about overpopulation then? we've gotta be able to build more efficent housing.

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    That's right. Earth is far from overcrowded. Man's utilization of Earth's dryland barely reach 1 percent of the total square footage available.

    The problem is not living space. The problem is that the Earth's total available resources is not distributed and exploited in a rational, fair and sustainable manner. Yes we are overpopulated in regard to available resources in circulation.

    Earth has the capacity to feed far more people than present population.
    World's politicians must dare to act on long term investments at a much greater extent when it comes to utilization of resources. In time man will get better with resource logistics. So that the overcrowded poor parts of the world gets a better way of living.

    A better way of living equals a steady population growth. Of course, a better way of living also equals consumption of more resources. Therefore it is even more important that we get better in the future to utilize the resources available optimal and energy efficient.

    For now Earth's climates and different ecosystems benefits from the fact that only a small part of the total world population enjoys a modern good life.

    If millions of poor indians, africans and chinese citizens suddenly acquired a middle class economy, with all the benefits of large display TVs, gas-guzzling cars, microwave ovens, refrigerators and water closets, Earth's climate and available resources would be drastically affected and overexploited.

    This is of course not fair for those living in poverty, but this is the reality in the present world economy and politics.

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    Hey, check out captain obvious over here! Seriously what a douchebag.

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