Ultra Questionable: The Perfect Male And Female Bodies, According To Males Versus Females

April 14, 2014


Allegedly these are the perfect male and female bodies, according to polled British men and women. The "study" (if you can even call it that because there is no way in hell it was conducted with even the least bit of scientificness) was performed by London lingerie manufacturer Blue Bella (not to be confused with Blue Bell, who makes badass ice cream). I don't even know who half these people are. I really just want to hear about how the survey was conducted and what the sample size was. Because my guess is "very haphazardly" and "a dozen people tops, pretending to be both male and female". Also, why is there no choice for ideal penis? I have opinions about these things. Plus I want to know what the total percentage women polled actually said they think Gweneth Paltrow has the ideal stomach (for example). Because I bet the answers were so varied it's under 10%. Unless the poll was multiple choice, in which case it was designed even shittier than I imagined. I mostly just posted this to remind you all that you don't need to subscribe to society's perception of beauty. You only need to subscribe to mine, and I think you're perfect in your own way. Geekologie: a blog that cares. No -- Geekologie: the ONLY blog that cares. Every other blog will call you fat behind your back, and that's a fact.

Thanks to TBTMH, who agrees the perfect body is the one you have, because it's the only one you get.

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