Topless Woman In Thong Goes Ape$#!T At McDonald's, Drinks Straight From Ice Cream Machine

April 8, 2014


Yes, of course Florida.

This the CCTV footage of a topless woman in a thong (presumably on drink/drugs) going bonkers in a McDonald's. She yells at the employees, beats her head on the counter a couple times, climbs behind the counter and proceeds to knock a bunch of shit over, then drinks straight from the soft-serve machine like we've all dreamed of. Afterward, she casually makes herself a cone before wandering off towards the fries. God, I really hope this is not some kid's mom. I think we can all agree she'd make a f***ing kickass baby sitter though.

Keep going for the video, the toplessness is censored.

Thanks to William L, who has gone twice as wild in a Burger King before.

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