Time Waster: Patatap Sound & Animation Browser App

April 2, 2014


Patatap (embedded after the jump or you can visit the official site or a full-screen version) is a little browser app that plays a different sound and animation for every letter of the keyboard. So you just mash away and CREATE MAGIC. Or a cacophony (somebody threw a Gatorade bottle over the wall of my cubicle when I was jamming out). Per tipster TheCureForHope:

This is legitimately fun to screw around with. My favorite song so far is: KLASDFRIHEWIFHSADLDFJSDHHFDHHAHSDSA

Good call! I actually played that song several times and it's quickly becoming one of my favorites. Way better than anything I've heard on the radio recently, that's for sure. I'm kidding, I don't listen to the radio. That's how the government used to control our minds, you know. Now they use iPods and cell phones. FACT.

Keep going for the embedded app. Just click in the box and start typing (plus spacebar changes the sound).

Thanks to TheCureForHope, which is despair.

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