The Futility Of Existence (aka Drunk Guy Versus Fence)

April 15, 2014


This is 'The Futility of Existence', a video from Youtuber Roman Prag of some dude trashed off his ass and his lifelong battle with a fence. I love how he squeezes through the bars one way only to immediately start climbing back over the other way. It's a perfect metaphor for life. And it's all set to a beautiful piano piece too -- it really is a piece of art. If you're going to watch it though, watch all the way to the end. Then take the rest of the day off and spend it crying softly on a park bench.

Keep going for life in two minutes.

Thanks to JP, Snowblown and Erika, who all agree if this doesn't win Sundance and every other film festival then they're all rigged.

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