Star Wars X-Wing And TIE Fighter Engagement Rings

April 18, 2014


These are the X-Wing and TIE Fighter engagement rings designed by Paul Michael Design (of Wonder Woman, Pokeball and Triforce ring fame). Because, just like Beyonce sings in that one song, "If you liked then you shoulda put a X-Wing on it". Please, somebody just come break my nose, I deserve it. "And so much worse." Wow, really? I'm not self deprecating enough that you actually feel the need to join in? I'd take a good long look at myself in the mirror if I were you. Then turn the lights off and spin around chanting Bloody Mary until she appears and steals your soul. Clearly it was a dickbag soul anyways.

Keep going for the TIE Fighter.


Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best engagement rings don't come from a fictional universe created by George Lucas, they come from the heart. Or Kay Jewelers.

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