So, It's Come To This: Call Of Duty Loser Calls Real Life SWAT Team On Kid Who Killed Him In-Game

April 23, 2014


Because if children are our hope for the future, then that future is hopeless, some little nobgoblin called a SWAT team on some other kid that killed him playing Call of Duty multiplayer. *tightening bolt on rocketship* My God I need to get off this planet. Even if I explode on the lauchpad, at least I tried. And I want my tombstone to read, "BOO -- I'M A GHOST!"

Police received a call at about 3 p.m. Tuesday afternoon from a person who identified himself as Rafael Castillo, a 17-year-old from Long Beach, N.Y.

"I just killed my mother and I might shoot more people," the person said, according to police.

The threat prompted Nassau County police to scramble helicopters and send a SWAT team to Castillo's home, leading to a two-hour standoff that involved more than 60 officers, some with guns drawn.

When police arrived, they found Castillo's mother, 54-year-old Maria Castillo, making coffee in the kitchen. Castillo himself did not immediately respond because he was in his room still playing the game with headphones on.

Castillo's mother said the time has now come for him to put down the "Call of Duty" controller.

"The kid played too much," she told WPIX-TV. "Go work. He's 17, he can work.

Seriously? You're such a sad sport that somebody killed you in a video game that you're going to waste taxpayer dollars (not to mention the time and effort of a police force that could be responding to legitimate calls) sending a SWAT team to somebody's house? You're prime prison material. You know what I do when somebody kills me in a video game? What any normal person does: yells and slams the controller down and scares my roommates. "Keep it down in there, I'm trying to study!" I'LL F***ING TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB, DEREK. I'LL OPEN AN ETSY STORE AND SELL YOUR ARMS AS BACKSCRATCHERS. "What about my legs?" UP YOUR ASS.

Keep going for a video news report.

Thanks to D, who agrees those video game violence folks are going to have a field-day with this one.

  • Harris Naseem

    Man, these gamers in general be a new bunch of Virgina tech shooters, they should be all deported to Africa for all I care, we need less fags, especially ones who think gaming is the future, heck even actual gay guys got their heads on their shoulders then many gamers. those dudes can stay as I get all the girls, while you gamers die of starvation the moment you land at Nairobi International Airport without your game consoles...........These gamers are the real faggots.........

  • side effect

    Apparently this is a thing now. They're calling is "Swatting" I just got a call from a FBI investigator at my tech support job who was trying to track down the caller in another instance of this. Stupid kids.

  • Zirthran

    Kids ...

  • dougfunnay

    you really think this ass is going to be any different in ten or fifteen years?
    more likely hes going to be attracted to positions of power and give himself a larger platform to increase his sphere of assfluence
    now people that confuse dickishness and immaturity for a symptom of youth and turn a blind eye to the myriad of ways our society is fundamentally fucked up...... those guys suck

  • Logs

    My nigga get swatted. #HF #talkshitgethit #umad #wifiganginbusiness

  • Davianna

    The mother is a bitch. "Well, someone pranked my son, so he can go to work."

  • Jade

    Just another reason why you DON'T give RL info to people you meet online!

  • I love you GW
    Let's escape together to a dinosaur planet (moon propably) and ride the shit out of the reptiles.

  • FearlessFarris

    Yeah, the kid who called the cops is an obvious shithead, but there is a more important question here. WTF is with police these days? Is this seriously a measured response to a 911 call like that? A dozen cops in full swat gear (complete with face masks!) storming the place with battle rifles drawn? And a f*cking tank?? Seriously. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should, guys.

  • Bibidiboop

    Considering the content of the call, a situation involving someone armed, where time is of the essence, then the reaction makes sense. However, I think a little problem sleuthing needs to be used with these calls, since a nice tip off to something weird would be the fact that the call didn't come from the address given as the potential crime scene.

    Other than, militarization of America's police is definitely a thing. There are podunk towns of a few dozen people, with police departments with fully kitted out SWAT teams. Something like that. It's crazy.

  • Benmark

    The call was (allegedly) from an ARMED suspect who just MURDERED his mother and threatened to SHOOT MORE PEOPLE and "burn the house down". Considering an armed and dangerous person (allegedly) was about to go on a killing spree, and murder people, with a gun- I'd say this was a PERFECT response to the situation.

  • What happened to the good ol' days of just embarrassing the guy that pissed you off rather than trying to get the cops to shoot them? Back when I used to troll the people who pissed me off, the worst I ever did was when a site's IRC admin (one of many) liked to abuse his power and occasionally kick/ban me, I hijacked the site's shoutcast radio station (hijack is probably a strong word as it was open to anybody to play some tunes on for others if nobody else was on it), posed as him and played Hanson's MMMbop for 24 hours straight. It pissed him off, I had a good laugh and still laugh about it occasionally but that was as far as it went. There was no need to get the authorities or anything involved, we just kept the rivalry between ourselves.

  • Harold_Finch

    what a massive twat

  • Joel Lamm

    should have called the twat team

  • o0THX11380o

    He did.

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