Probably Shouldn't Watch At Work: Bubbled P0rn Video

April 9, 2014


NOTE: No actual nakedness, but still NSFW on account of simulated sex acts. CRANK UP THE VOLUME AND INVITE EVERYBODY IN YOUR WORKGROUP OVER. If you are in class, ask the professor to stop and play the video on the projector.

This is a video of what appears to be couples engaged in sex acts that have been conveniently bubbled over to hide their privates. But in reality they are not doing the dirty, they are doing other things that LOOK like the dirty when you can't see the good parts. That said, I have it on good authority that it is still 100% masturbatable to.

Keep going for the video, NSFW though for real.

Thanks to Eli, who prefers his p0rn how he prefers song lyrics on the radio: uncensored.

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