Pringles Builds An X-Men Powered Rube Goldberg Machine To Get The Last Chip Out Of A Can

April 24, 2014


This is an X-Men/Pringles commercial featuring a machine that harnesses the powers of three X-Men (Wolverine, Storm and Magneto -- who is not always an X-Man) to get the last chip out of a Pringles can. You know, instead of just turning it over and shaking it out. By a show of hands here, who likes Pringles? They are not my favorite. I might have a few at a party, but I'm not buying them. Are they anybody's favorite chip? Because if they are I want to talk to you. You are a very special person. Possibly one without taste buds. *sipping smoothie* OMG this tastes like shit, you have to try it.

Keep going for the commercial.

Thanks to Jaan Jaan, who gets the last Pringle out of the can like a normal person: leaving it and the 40 on top of it for someone else.

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