Please Tell Me There Will Be Many Rupees In My Future: Zelda Inspired Tarot Cards

April 16, 2014


This is a set of $20 Zelda tarot cards made and sold by Etsy shop PixelPerks. All the designs were hand-drawn/waterpainted and then printed on cardstock. The set contains 22-cards (a Major Arcana deck -- links to Wikipedia) plus 5 instruction cards and 3 blank frames to draw your own. You know, I've never had a tarot card reading done but when I was in college a buddy and I went to see a fortune teller. He went first and the lady (who did have a crystal ball and a pretty sweet scarf tied around her head) was all, "You're having girlfriend problems," and then he's like, "No shit, I'm gay," and then I was all, "F*** this, don't pay her and let's go to the bar."

Keep going for a couple closeups and the rest of the cards.





Thanks to Artemis, who once had a palm read and it said, "YOU GONNA DIE FORTUNE TELLER LADY." Weird.

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