Pew Pew Pew!: Radio Controlled X-Wing Fighter Made From PVC Pipe

April 15, 2014


This are two video demos of a 5-foot, 19-pound X-wing fighter made out of PVC pipe and three coptor rotors. I want to train a squirrel to sit in it, then I'll fly him up to all the best acorns in all the trees. We will be best friends for life, until he's hit by a car. Sobbing, I will use a shovel to scrape his body into a storm sewer.

Three motors with 12″ props pull 850W each to hover this monster tri-copter. A large servo direct-drives the tail motor gimble... that is actually the nose of the craft. 1/2 inch PVC pipe, screws, and decorative tape complete the mix (it could weigh less, but this is a FAST prototype technique). Three 5S 4.5Ah lipo batteries in parallel drain in about 5 minutes at these power levels. The entire craft is flown backwards from a standard tri-copter.

Oh man, I'm going to build my own PVC X-wing fighter then do strafing runs on the neighborhood kids as soon as they get off the school bus. Make fun of me for still living at home, I'll show you little shits! Moooooom -- can I have some money for the ice cream truck?

Keep going for two flight demos.

Thanks to Newbler and rob, who would fly that straight into a friend's face, abruptly ending that friendship.

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