Oh Wow: The Most In-Depth Character Creation System To Date (Is For A New MMORPG From Korea)

April 11, 2014


Heck yeah, lift and separate those buttcheeks. That's what I want my ass to look like.

This is a video demonstrating the depth of the character creation system for Black Desert, an upcoming MMORPG from Korea. You can fine tune pretty much everything, ALMOST down to individual hair length (but not quite). Want your pupils to shine with little stars? No problem. Massive penis with a dragon tattoo on your inner thigh? Sure, why not. Unfortunately, they spent so much time on the character creation system the game looks like it sucks. I'm kidding, the game looks awesome (video demo of that below as well). I'm thinking I might have to learn Korean so I can play. Kidding again, you don't need to know the language when you speak KICKING ASS. Okay, I think I'm ready. Here we gooooooooo! Wait -- what happened. "You just uninstalled the game." Shit!

Keep going for the worthwhile videos.

Thanks to Marcus and KR, who promised to meet me at the gaming cafe so we could all play together. I have been here four days, still no sign of them.

  • Ethan Santiago

    Sooo...why doesn't my Sims game do this yet??

  • Benjamin Wulfert

    cool, the second video was soo awesome it crashed my computer.

  • Isaac Bow.

    reminds me of APB which had way better tattoo/bodypaint customization

  • IngusMW

    All the female characters had the same face at the end.... but, coming from Korea, I guess that's no surprise to anybody.

  • Guest

    all koreans have the same face anyway, or was that the joke?

  • FancyTrousers

    It's a Korean MMO so expect it to take a week to gain a level, every other quest to require a microtransaction, and characters to gain 100,000 health and mana per level.

  • Torse

    I'd spend the first week making my character

    and the eighth day hating that goddamn pinging noise

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I'm exactly the same, I took hours on the Skyrim creator. Still turned out looking slightly demented...

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