Nothing: NADA, North Korea's National Aerospace Development Administration

April 7, 2014


To celebrate the one-year anniversary of its inception, North Korea has announced the name and logo for its space agency. It's called NADA (National Aerospace Development Administration), and this is the logo. For those of you who didn't take three years of Spanish in high school, nada means 'nothing'. When reached for comment, North Korea had this to say, "We invented Spanish and that's not what it means at all. It means like, Hail North Korea, from which all greatness comes."

Some media, including the Guardian in the UK, suggested that the new logo shared a resemblance to another space agency's insignia: NASA's.

"The state news agency neglects to mention one glaring thing," the Guardian wrote, "the new logo looks a lot like that of NASA, the space agency of Pyongyang foe's, the U.S., right down to the blue globe, lettering and swooshed ring."

Admittedly, while the design does bare a resemblance to NASA's, there's really only so much you can do with a space agency's logo. Like, you're probably not going to pick an animal. Although I supposed you could go with a galaxy or a spaceship or something. Or, if you're me, a skull and crossbones wearing a space helmet, and, beneath that, 'SPACE KILLS'. Pretty badass, right? We'll be the space agency that none of the other space agencies wants to f*** with, like an outlaw biker gang but with rocket ships.

Thanks to Thaylor H, who named her space agency ZILCHEROONY.

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