Needs More Dragon: Game Of Thrones LEGO Minifigs

April 7, 2014


This is a series of Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs. Except they're called 'Dragon Sword Fighter Force', because nobody likes getting sued. Laid? Yes -- people love that. Especially when their partner does all the work so they can just lay back and relax. That's primo. $55 gets you a three-pack of characters, and $220 gets you the whole 12-character set with a BONUS George RR Martin figure. That's almost $17 a minifig. I don't really have that kind of money. Or any kind of money for that matter. Unless shells count, in which case I'm filthy rich because I live near the beach. One time I poked a dead jellyfish with my bare finger. It squished!

Keep going for closeups of them all, including George.




Thanks to Gypsy, who

  • Guest

    jaime shouldn't have a beard and both hands at the same time?

  • Kenlin Bros

    Very easy to fix with Lego, though.

  • Guest

    why is yegrette undead?

  • Konstantin

    Because SPOILERS! Actually, I think they were just going for blue eyes, which she does have. Also, that's not Ygritte. It's the spear... maiden... of the... Oh, forget it. Seriously, can they really get away with that? Because if so, I can think of a lot of other IP to stea... creatively borrow to make a ton of money without paying royalties.

  • Guest

    but as of the latest book there are no spoilers for that?

  • Konstantin

    There are definitely spoilers on Ygritte, there are spoilers on just about everyone. But not as far as her being undead, no. I really can't say more than that without ruining it for somebody.

    A word of warning, if you are going to be tempted to look up Ygritte's story elsewhere, if you are caught up on the TV Series, you know that major events are about to take place at Castle Black. You'd be spoiling some of that with Ygritte's story. But it's a small portion of all that's going on, so if you really must know now, that's an option.

  • Captain Person

    They had their chance and they didn't call Martin's minifig "The Mountain That Writes"?

    For shame.

  • Guest

    gibbing mcsalaughterpants

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