Needs More Dragon: Game Of Thrones LEGO Minifigs

April 7, 2014


This is a series of Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs. Except they're called 'Dragon Sword Fighter Force', because nobody likes getting sued. Laid? Yes -- people love that. Especially when their partner does all the work so they can just lay back and relax. That's primo. $55 gets you a three-pack of characters, and $220 gets you the whole 12-character set with a BONUS George RR Martin figure. That's almost $17 a minifig. I don't really have that kind of money. Or any kind of money for that matter. Unless shells count, in which case I'm filthy rich because I live near the beach. One time I poked a dead jellyfish with my bare finger. It squished!

Keep going for closeups of them all, including George.




Thanks to Gypsy, who

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