Music To Make Love To: Duck Tales Theme Gets R&B Slow Jam Treatment

April 28, 2014


Remember that R&B version of the Pokemon theme? Well now the group is back with their own version of the Duck Tales theme. And let me tell you -- that singer has got some pipes on her. I could close my eyes and listen to her belt out sultry jams all night. A kid crying? I could close my eyes and listen to that shit for about three seconds before I open my eyes, find my way to the nearest window, and throw myself out. I'm coming, Lord! "You might want to consider doing some good with your life first." What are you trying to say?! "You're on the hell list." But I went to church on Easter! "And you fell asleep." It was three hours! I fell asleep during Avatar too AND THAT WAS IN 3-D. "Are you comparing church to a James Cameron movie?" Well not if it's going to get me another demerit!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Manny, who agrees slow jams are the best jams besides boysenberry. Boysenberry is the shit.

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