Meskel Square, A Massive Free-For-All Traffic Intersection

April 23, 2014


This is a video shot above Meskel Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It's a massive free-for-all traffic intersection. From what I gathered, you just drive until you almost hit somebody, wait for them to move, then speed off again. The pedestrians though -- they're the real warriors here. I'd feel safer crossing the street in a slingshot.

Keep going for the impressively sane insanity.

Thanks to me, for not even feeling safe walking on the sidewalk.

  • beastium

    When there was a blackout a couple years ago, this happened everywhere and seriously traffic was so smooth and people were cautious and respectful

  • OrehRatiug

    And here I thought driving in Jersey was scary.

  • Shh Private

    Video sped up quite a bit

  • Zirthran

    traffic control is way too expensive... be civil!

  • antalicus

    I'd like to see this video on a day it rains and brakes aren't working that well.

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    Such a catchy tune!
    It makes this video even more enjoyable to watch.

  • Guest

    i feel like i know that song when sung in non gibberish but i can't quite place it

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    Agree. I was thinking the same thing.
    I believe we are talking about spanish gibberish singing.

  • nanCY

    It's funny - the oncoming road has lane markings - BUT WHY??!!

  • Guest

    hey, they kept it off the sidewalk, thats better than Israel at any rate

  • MustacheHam

    For people who want a real challenge with driving, drive to Meskel Square where you can drive as if your in a circus of vehicles.

  • cardstock

    Thanks Obama for taxing us to death with your stupid commie stoplights!

  • Aalok

    Lol. Ok, I realize you were most likely joking, but I'd just like to point out to the people who might not know that Addis Abeba is the capital of Ethiopia. :D

  • Andyman7714

    Notice the big yellow & red buses stop for NOBODY.

  • JediCandice

    this gives me anxiety

  • JJtoob

    Can't wait to see the updated version in the future with jetpacks and flying cars lol.

  • Franco E

    Ok, I have been coming to this website for about 5 years now ( Best Website Ever ) and I never registered to comment. I had to make an account for this video simply to write ... LMFAO. The people crossing are so funny to look at !

  • Jared Gonzales

    5 years here and THIS is the funniest video you've seen??


  • Frédéric Purenne

    The dealership that sold those white and blue vans is now rich!

  • wastedkitten

    Those are called taxis..

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