Mechanical LEGO Machine Makes Electronic Beats

April 25, 2014


This is a video of Alex Allmont's electronic beat producing LEGO machine, Playhouse. It makes beats so fresh you'd swear they were handpicked from the farm this morning. Or at least aren't passed their expiration date and marked with one of those orange 'Manager's Special' stickers at the grocery store.

Play House, as he calls it, was built for AudioGraft, an experimental music festival in Oxford, England. Spread out across a small tabletop, the assembly triggers sampled drums and digital notes based on those of the Roland TB303, the synthesizer whose belching bass gave rise to acid house in the '80s.

I'd love to attend a party with a music playing LEGO machine. That would be pretty cool, right? Repetitive, but cool. Plus maybe if there were a couple jugglers and a sword swallower. That would be some party! I actually used to have a friend who was a sword swallower. USED TO. He only did it once.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Sligo, who makes music the old fashioned way: beating a stick on the wall of a cave. Wow, that is like WAY old fashioned.

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