Mazda Recalls 42,000 Cars Because Of Spider Issue

April 8, 2014


Mazda has recalled all 2010-2012 Mazda 6's with 4-cylinder engines because spiders can crawl into the fuel tank, spin webs that can cause a pressure build up, which can lead to cracks in the tank and fires. And nobody but a stuntman wants to drive a car that's on fire.

As before, Mazda will install a "spring to prohibit spider intrusion" and reprogram the emissions system to prevent pressure building up.

This is the second time Mazda has made a spider-related recall (and Toyota has had one too). In 2011 it recalled all 2008-2010 Mazda 6 models for the same reason. I had a spider land on my hand once when I was driving. I killed it after we hit the tree.

Thanks to Andrew K, dr venkman and Inky Bloc, who, if they had to choose, would rather deal with a car full of snakes than spiders.

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