Man Turns 1974 Chevy Into Star Wars Millennium Falcon

April 9, 2014


This is the 1974 Chevy Malibu that Star Wars fan Bill Deacon turned into a replica of the Millennium Falcon. "It's uncanny." Right? For a second there I thought I was just looking at a screencap from one of the movies. But it's not, there's actually an old car under there. Hard to believe. Two bonus points for the custom HANCHWY license plates, but minus a point for not having any fuzzy dice Death Stars dangling from the rear-view. Those are a must. *diving in passenger seat* Mos Eisley Cantina and step on it!

Keep going for a closeup of the cockpit and a shot of the rear.



Thanks to Stephanie, who has every intention of turning her Prius into a TIE fighter. Pew pew!

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