Longest Running Experiment Sees Another Drippy Result

April 18, 2014


Note: Two-year time lapse video after the jump.

Fourteen years after the last turdy drop dropped, the 87-year old pitch-drop experiment at the University of Queensland has seen its 9th drop, with 25,000 people tuning into the live webcam feed to watch it happen. Wow, these are truly exciting times we live in. I'm kidding, I'm bored as hell and hoping for a meteor strike. "Where?" Like, right in the face.

This comes after the last three drops were all accidentally missed, even as recently as 2000 when a power outage actually made the already-present webcams lose power at just the wrong moment. People definitely caught it this time, but since a pitch takes so dang long to actually drop, the precise time that it touched down is still under review. That's important for the online viewers of the drop, since those who were watching at the precise moment the drop was recorded will have their names preserved for posterity.

What's more, the drop was never in free-fall. It simply collided with the 8th drop, which fell in 2000 and took most of the last 14 years to tip over...Still, that pitch flows at all is impressive, considering that its viscosity is 230 billion times that of water.

If you're not familiar, the experiment was conducted to prove that coal pitch, which appears to be a brittle solid that can be shattered with a hammer, is actually a liquid with an extremely high viscosity. So...can we stop watching now? It drips, we get it. Let somebody else have a shot at the 'world's longest running experiment' title. Also, I love how the 25,000 people watching the live webcam when it dropped get their names recorded for posterity. That's some honor! I'm kidding, that's 25,000 people who really need Netflix.

Keep going for a two year time-lapse of the slowest, most agonizing shit in history. Come on, just pound some hot sauce and get it over with.

Thanks to LC, who prefers to spend his spare time between watching paint dry and grass grow. Solid hobbies.

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