Like A Moving Painting: Time-Lapse Of Fireflies Swarming

April 1, 2014


So it's April Fools' Day and my inbox is jam-packed with fake stories people either think are real or are trying to trick me into posting. I've been sifting through them all morning. The only April Fools' prank worth pulling involves faking your own death. So unless you're willing to move out of the country and never contact your friends or family again, I'm probably not interested. That said, if something really good comes along I MIGHT post it. I'm not doing the Google Pokemon or dinosaur cloning (that one broke my heart) stories though. This is a series of time-lapses of fireflies swarming by photographer Vincent Bradley. It's very soothing to watch. So much so that I think I'm just going to nap for the rest of the day and come back tomorrow. Or faking my own death, I have been feeling like a new start lately. If anybody asks I fell down an elevator shaft and my body was unrecoverable.

Keep going for the relaxing video.

Thanks to Amy C, who, for two tips in two days, gets two shoutouts in two days. Magical!

  • Shawn Chong

    Interesting, fireflies mimic a picture of the universe

  • Drew Rochon

    Anbody else see the ninja being swarmed in the GIF?

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