Kissing The Carpet: Han Solo In Carbonite Floor Rugs

April 23, 2014


These are the Han Solo in carbonite floor rugs available from ThinkGeek ($50 for a 71" x 31", $70 for a 90.5" x 39") Will they tie your room together? MAYBE. But they will definitely collect food and drink stains. Plus, if you invite me over, I will definitely try to feed Han some chips and dip. "Dammit GW, he's full, stop crushing chips into my rug." Shhhhhhh! You complete me Han, did you know that? I would go to the ends of the galaxy with you. What do you say we drop that Wookie off on Endor and start our lives together? "Please -- can we just get back to the intervention? We're here to help you." NOT NOW, MOM.

Keep going for a closeup of Han's lips and what the rug looks like on an actual floor.



Thanks to carey, who was trying to act all coy like she wouldn't kiss Han right on the lips as soon as it came in the mail.

  • Garett Phalen

    gotta have it lol the large size :D

  • jorgelinker

    nowadays Hand woven rugs very famous i recently bought Hand woven rugs from

  • roy wally

    "This is a castle isn't it. There are tapestries."

  • Benmark

    Isn't it about time people got over the "Han Solo in Carbonite" fad?

  • Kevin

    I'd nail it to the wall as a tapestry.

  • Guest

    bowchickawowwow thats what she said

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