It Was True After All!: Treasure Trove Of Atari E.T. Games Found Buried In New Mexico Landfill

April 28, 2014


In 1983 Atari allegedly dumped millions of unsold E.T. game cartridges in a Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill after deeming them unsellable because the game sucked so hard. And now that rumor seems to be true, as excavators have just uncovered hundreds of the game while searching the landfill. When reached for comment, E.T. had this to say: "Phone home." And that's when I smacked him with a shovel and sold him to the government for a hundred grand. I asked for a million, but they low-balled the shit out of me.

Last year, Alamogordo officials finally approved an excavation of the infamous landfill, and plans kicked into motion two weeks ago, with Microsoft partnering up with a documentary team to dig into the dirt and film the results.

Today, it's official. They've found E.T.'s home--though it's unclear whether there are really millions or even thousands of copies down there. The AP reports they've found "hundreds" so far, and we'll keep you updated as they keep digging.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Probably not." Let's go dig around in a landfill! There's no telling what kind of treasure we might find. Just make sure you're up to date on all your shots, ESPECIALLY cooties. It hurts, but it's important. "Cooties is not a real shot." Then what did the doctor stick in my ass last week? "His penis?" Oh boy.

Thanks to Ferrous, AdamIsCylon, Ed, Okawa, E V I L A R E S, Andrew K and Joe, who are already smashing and rubbing dirt into existing E.T. cartridges and throwing them up on eBay.

  • MustacheHam

    They should have tossed them in the furnace. >:(

  • KLanD

    Bah who needs a landfill. I have an original working copy at home... and a wood grain 2600 to play it.

  • Johnny Bigrig

    I feel like an idiot. I remember actually getting my mom to buy me this out of a KB toys bargain bin for $5 sometime around 1987. I could have just checked a few dumpsters. Seriously bad game. No instructions worth printing, impossible to figure out. Basically just you controlling a couple pixels, trying to find parts of a phone in random circles and trapezoids before an FBI agent touches you or something like that.

  • TwiZtedS

    The only part I can remember about that game was walking around, then you would always fall down and get trapped in a pit. And I could never figure out how to get out. Worst game ever!

  • Victoria Crissman

    You had to extend your neck and levitate out of the pit. Those pits were essentially the whole game, beyond avoiding the "agent" in the trenchcoat. You have to find all the pieces of your phone in the pits, and then reassemble it to "phone home". How sad that I know all this. :P

  • $18889437

    That game should stay buried... even by 1980s Atari standards that game stinks more than anything else buried in that landfill.

  • adsfasdfasdf

    it wasn't *that* bad. plenty of other games sucked equally if not more. Atari just was stupid to order so #@$%ing many of the things right off the bat.

  • Toastrider

    Compared to some games, no, it wasn't that bad (I knew I'd gotten old when I saw Superman 64 beat out ET on a worst game ever list). What was really notable was how Atari foisted this project on Howard Scott Warshaw, and expected him to produce a decent game... in six weeks.

  • Georgio

    Something is fishy about this. I've been hearing this story for two days now, and all I've seen are a few pictures of not more than 3 cartridges.

  • See how some of the text is different color? That's a link. It contains additional information from the source of this post. In this case, it includes many photos of recovered items including multiple shots of several recovered games.

  • OrehRatiug

    But it links to Kotaku. I'd rather remain ignorant than visit that abomination.

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