It Looks Just Like Outerspace!: Slow-Motion Video From Drone Copter Flying Through Fireworks Display

April 22, 2014


This is a slow-motion video of a Phantom camera attached to a drone flying through a fireworks display. I kept waiting (read: hoping/praying) for it to get hit by a mortar, but it never did. My favorite shots were the ones that looked like you just pushed the warp drive button in your spaceship. Clench your ass cheeks, Space Rangers, because here...we...GOOOOOO! God I love playing space. If you bring your own cardboard box over you can design your own spaceship and play alongside me. "No thanks." Haha, I was going to laser cannon the shit out of you anyways. You ever seen my apartment? "There are torn up cardboard boxes everywhere." SPACESHIP GRAVEYARD.

Hit the jump for the video. Hit me to get hit back even harder.

Thanks to Liz, who agrees if you really want to see what it looks like to fly through fireworks you should just tape yourself to a patio chair and have a friend shoot them at you (wear swim goggles for safety though).

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