Impressive Game Of Thrones Interactive Map To Westeros

April 22, 2014


This is an interactive map (links to actual map) of Westeros and the surrounding lands created by user carpiediem. You can click on pretty much anywhere to bring up a Game of Thrones wiki about the area, track characters' travels through the books and show, and more. Perhaps one of the coolest features is that is you can move the slider in the upper right corner to the latest chapter/show you've read/watched and the map will remove any information that happens after that so there aren't any spoilers. That's neat. Right now I'm make-believing I'm riding a dragon around Westeros burninating villages and claiming them as my own. Oh, they're shooting arrows at us -- you know what to do, Trogdor (I named my dragon Trogdor). Trogdor -- NO -- bleed and crash is not what we're supposed to do. Stop acting like that sissy Falcor, I thought you were a beast of war. Hey -- you know the egg your girlfriend laid that I said was stolen by the White Walkers? Well guess what -- I MADE AN OMELET. It was good, I don't regret it.

Thanks to Jackie, who took the time to tell me she's caught up on all the books AND shows. Go you! You should have told me earlier and I would have made you a banner or something.

  • dodo
  • I'm not saying I started writing super incesty and profanity-riddled Game of Thrones fan fic.... but IF I DID... this website would be super helpful...

  • stuffsticks

    Sounds like the real thing... Real Fan fic would be taking the incest and profanity out.

  • adsfasdfasdf

    eventually somebody(probably slayer) will (mistakenly) teach the ravens to screech "Cock" at people and be unable to make it stop.

    (and then this happens in a prologue shortly before they both get killed)

  • Guest

    You think this is cool? How about some super incesty and profanity-riddled GoT fan fiction? I didn't write it, but I've started reading it and now I get laid ALL the time!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    OMG GW! Thank you for this! You guys lost me for the next 2 hours...

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