I'm So Confused: Boomer, The New Robotic Dinosaur Toy

April 25, 2014


Meet Boomer, a new rolling robotic dinosaur toy from the makers of Zoomer, the robotic dog. I am not familiar with Zoomer. Boomer rolls around making dinosaur noises, changing his eye color, and can follow your hand and try to bite it. Apparently he can also be trained to learn new tricks. He's the perfect gift for the child on your shopping list who needs a toy they'll play with for the first thirty minutes after they get it, then retire to the back of their closet. Eventually, he will be sold at a yard sale for $2 after somebody talks the kid's mom down from $5. Oh shit -- I think I just wrote Toy Story 4!

Keep going for a video demo.

Thanks to StitchMartyn, The Closet Ninja (I thought I heard rustling in there!), and Priby, who added this delightful commentary: "Dino toy, a must have!", "Not sure how you'll feel about this. Sadly, it's betrayal is inevitable...", and "Where is your god now?"

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