I'M HERE AND I'M READY TO ROCK: Real Guitar Doorbell

April 28, 2014


This is the $150 GuitDoorbell, a real half size guitar that gets its strings strummed every time the door is opened. So it's not technically a doorbell, because 1) not a bell and 2) doorbells are usually rung from the outside BEFORE the door is opened. This only makes sound AFTER the door is opened, so it's more of a warning somebody just broke into your house. *guitar twang* Honey? I think we're being robbed. "It's probably just my parents." Okay, but I'm still going to attack them with a bat just to be safe.

Keep going for a demo of how to install the guitar as well as what it sounds like. Plus you can pull the guitar down whenever you want for a jam session. FREE BIRD!

Thanks to Jacob S, who doesn't have a doorbell but does have a lion head door knocker. Fancy! My door doesn't even lock anymore.

  • skinja

    How is this news?
    Every guitar store I have ever been to in my life has one of these already.

  • skinja

    Geekologie just got tricked into advertising this product as if it was something new.

  • xx4sitexx

    What a fuckin' cunt.

  • $18889437

    They make capos that allow you to set the guitar to different chords... that might be a more appealing sound than just an open strum on all the strings. But I wonder if they would fit a half size guitar.

  • StarsiegeAMAI

    or just retune it. i agree however. music shop knick knack

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    How about if you replaced it with a Stratocaster and set the amp next to the door.

  • cabbo

    1. Waste of an instrument.
    2. Waste of time.
    3. Will probably be removed within a week.

  • zin

    It's perfect for a music shop.

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