I'd Buy A Lebowski Rug: Business Cards For Fictional Movie Characters Starting Their Own Businesses

April 29, 2014


This is a series of 27 business cards created by Italian design firm Invasione Creativa for fictional movie characters starting their own businesses. They're all pretty clever. I especially liked the Total Recall one for three-boobie plastic surgery. Now that is some plastic surgery worth getting. Granted finding a bra that fits might be difficult, but why would you wear one anyways? You have three titties. You are like the Cerberus of cleavage. When I was like eleven I knew a boy on the swim team with a nipple on his back. He let me touch it once. First time since breastfeeding I touched a nipple that wasn't my own, and I was only 11. "Nobody like a bragger, GW." Haha -- I am so cool!

Keep going for all 27.


Thanks to Dacrikka and Allison, who hired the X-Men to perform at a kid's birthday party once and said shit got out of hand real quick.

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